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Can You Go Home Again, Writer? May 30, 2019 In Look Homeward, Angel, novelist Thomas Wolfe wrote about how hard it was for his writer-protagonist Eugene Gant to ever return to his hometown of Asheville, NC. Recently I jumped at the chance to return to my hometown of...

Survival (Why Did I Buy A Bookstore? Part II)

The beginning of 2018 promised a new start. I was in a new home within walking distance of the store. I could focus on my goals for the year. I posted them above my desk so that I would have a daily reminder of where I wanted to take this special little place. More...

Why DID I Buy a Bookstore?

              The following is Part One of an essay wrote for a book coming out this year about local bookstores in West Virginia. I hope you enjoy it.   “So, why did you want to buy a...

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