Beneath the Veil She Speaks

Debra Williby bares her soul and links to ours with her prose in "Beneath the Veil."

“Speaking through verse, Williby takes us on a journey within her own psyche and attributes her success as an Indie Poet to ‘a muse that visits her in the night.’ Often misunderstood, graced with a mental illness, and constantly battling depression, she finds sanctuary in the comforts of the outdoors. Nestled in the southern part of Mercer County, West Virginia, Deb’z resides in Oakvale on Blanche’s Beth Emek, the home place of her grandmother.”

“the wind speaks to me as I listen in the night
enchanted secret

The story of life with a precious two year-old named Larry as seen through the eyes of his cat, Blue.

Inspired by a wonderful, sometimes awful lfie. Pilkins’ poems are light, some are dark, and a few . . . well they make you uncomfortable. “This is our one life; the things we face, we fear, and we love. It is grace and comedy and tragedy. It is life, a window which encompasses the whole world if we look out and let it.

For all of those who have ever suffered depression, anxiety, or just unsure of one’s self or relationship.

Pilkins takes a turn at spine tingling tales with “Maizie.’ She entertains you with stories of apparitions, encounters with death, and many twists. “May the hair stand up on the back of your neck and a chill run down your spine.”

Sheridan writes of Sylvia, a woman on the downhill side of her 50’s who has lost everything and turns to the land to survive. A story of grit and determination of a woman rebuilding her life. (I can fully relate.)

As long as we’re alive and breathing we’ll face obstacles and challenges that sometimes wear us down and make us want to quit. In those moments Rozzell reminds us to “stir up our faith, refuse to quit, and believe that God keeps his promises.”

Open Wilson’s “Dori’s Gift” and experience a journey back to a time whre life in the mountains was fill with family, work, and time to enjoy life. Dori experiences an unforgettable birthday as she receives a special gift in more ways than one.

Super sleuth Gracie is ready to enjoy summer vacation, but her inquisitive mind takes her on an adventure that lands her in the hospital and opens her up to a new opportunity to help the employees at Darcy’s solve a mystery. Wilson’s Gracie series entertains while teaching valuable life lessons.


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March 7, 2019

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