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I have personally read all of what you see here. These are authors I highly recommend!

Sister of NCIS star Mark Harmon and former wife of singer Ricky Nelson, Ms. Tinker reveals her life’s joys and struggles with mental illness through poetry and beautiful illustrations.

Wally Lamb spins a tale of twins one of whom dives further into mental illness dragging his brother down the rabbit hole with him. I also loved his “She’s Come Undone” mentioned on this cover.

An author who never disappointed. Binchy passed away a few years ago, and lovers of her work miss her dearly. Interweaving the lives of her various characters around a central theme was a specialty of hers.

I often wonder if Pilcher and Binchy ever met. Their characterizations and settings were often similar, but I do believe Pilcher reached a deeper level of storytelling. Best known for “The Shell Seekers” her other works were equally good. A dear friend introduced me to her over 25 years ago with “September.” I’ve enjoyed every word.

I often read autobiographies, and I discovered this funny and very down to earth man while watching “The Graham Norton Show.” His journey from the housing projects of Liverpool to successful businessman, and then to Great Britain’s top comedian is remarkable. He doesn’t hesitate to be open about his marriage and family life as well as his humanitarian efforts. Never to boast. Simply to inspire. He is truly a man to be admired and his talents enjoyed. YouTube him. You won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth Berg can write the gamut of emotions. From laugh out loud funny to expressions of heartbreak she knows how to give her characters personality.

Though this cover capitalizes on the movie (and book) “Julie and Julia,” the content is purely Child’s account of her life in France from the moment her ship docked to the day they packed up their country home where her empire blossomed. A fan of this remarkable woman since my childhood, I devoured (pun intended) her quick wit and fascinating stories.


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March 7, 2019

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