Vintage books stand the test of time . . .

A worn or tattered dust jacket? Maybe. However, the words and thoughts have endured for decades — even a century or more. Nothing could be a more thoughtful gift for a book lover.

Du Maurier known as the master of “atmosphere” novels mixes a story of suspense with Italian charm and historical significance in this 1965 classic.

Long before Meryl Streep portrayed the dual characters, John Fowles engrossed readers with his literary technique of telling a story of Victorian sexual oppression with a twentieth century viewpoint.

Primarily known for his adventure stories, Stevenson delights with these descriptive poems for children from the year 1931. Each poem has its own illustration by Paula Rees Good.

Our prized possession. A primer dated 1893 with notes from the owner. A little rugged perhaps but what a find!

Evoking childhood memories for more than one customer this early Golden Book is filled with colorful illustrations. Copyright 1949.


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March 7, 2019

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